8 Amazing Google Font Combinations

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, designers were held to using only a few font combinations in their web projects. With the explosion of modern web design, we now have so many choices you could spend hours playing with combinations. Here is the run down of our 8 favorite font combinations and styles.

When we start a new Bootstrap template, we spend hours focusing on typography combinations. Each selection needs to compliment one another and have enough variations for us to use across the entire site. These were all hand picked from Google Fonts killer arsenal of typography.


1) Montserrat & Lora

Font combos-01


2) Oswald & Lato

Font combos-02


3) Titillium & Lato Bold

Font combos-03



4) Open Sans Bold & Regular

Font combos-04



5) Great Vibes & Roboto Regular

Font combos-05


6) Yanone Kaffeesatz & Roboto Light

Font combos-06



7) PT Sans & Raleway Regular

Font combos-07



8) Raleway & Roboto Condensed

Font combos-08